“This hearing breaks the ice. It's a major event,” Bassett told PI in an interview this week. “It doesn't seem like it probably to a lot of people … but I know how big it is.” -Steve Bassett, head of Paradigm Research Group & UFO transparency advocate
Overturning Roe would level the playing field on abortion and let voters decide. It appears that choice is the last thing abortion advocates want.
For people whose brains work differently, gifts are often curses, and curses can be gifts.
Online content sharing & interactions have become critical to our daily existence. But they're also making that existence worse.
It's easy to say, "Ignore the haters." In reality, it's much, much harder to do.
“The world’s ending, Steve.” A longtime friend said this to me recently, and the certitude with which it was asserted really struck me. It was a prelude…
An unexpected hero. An out of touch strongman. War isn't what it used to be. And if the present conflict is any indication, it never will be again.
When my faith crumbled, and it felt as though I was lost in darkness, Peterson offered me a compass and a light
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