I'm passing the torch on the publication I founded seven years ago and starting anew. It's bittersweet, but it was time.
The Future is now, and the ethical implications of our technical progression need real, rooted answers.
In the absence of good writing, here's some linky goodness for my readers out there in internet land.
We know how much time is wasted at the office, and how short weekends feel. A trial of a shorter work week in Iceland offers the hope of relief from an…
Are you exhausted? I'm exhausted.
Some unprecedented admissions make the skimpy report more than just a nothingburger.
It's not just UFOs. There are other strange things in the world that we have no means to make sense of.
Sometimes it's not a better place to live that we find ourselves looking for, but a better time.
Sometimes, a baby can teach an old dog some new things.
And now, a brief word from the management
I wrote about "crippled religion," because I needed catharsis. What I discovered instead was an army of kindred spirits.
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