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Who Am I?

My name is Steve Skojec. I’ve been a professional writer for over a decade. I’ve written thousands of essays, articles, and reflections, and my work and thought have appeared in my own publications as well as a number of mainstream outlets you’ve probably heard of.

I grew up very Catholic. I took this into my professional life, and for a while, I was one of the top online Catholic publishers in the world.

Then, a few years back, I realized that I needed to re-evaluate all the inherited beliefs I had taken for granted. That’s why I started this Substack.

What Is The Skojec File?

The Skojec File is a personal repository of essays, reflections, and observations on my experiences of religious deconstruction, personal healing, cultural themes, and our collective search for meaning.

I write about these topics because writing helps me to better understand and explain them, but also because many of my readers are struggling with similar issues, and it’s always better not to have to find your way alone.

And thanks to the great community of people who subscribe, The Skojec File is now a Substack bestseller, with thousands of readers and hundreds of paid subscribers!

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What Subscribers Are Saying

You are the best writer around - so eclectic and NEVER dull!” - PJ Moore

You’ve been able to articulate what I’ve been trying to formulate in my own mind. Thank you for your hard work and being honest.” - Amy

I’ve been following you for a long while. I appreciate your writing and work ethic. It’s time to support it with some dollars!” - Anonymous

I’ve followed you for years and find your journey interesting. I went through a major life-crisis myself, though different from yours. But I know what an unbearable existential crisis feels like … I acknowledge your sincerity in your current journey.” - Walter Emerson (Adams)

Keep searching, man.” - Anonymous

You’re a cracking writer, Steve, and I enjoy reading your output.” - Gerard

I appreciate your sincerity and that you seek to apply what you read to the situation on the ground.” - Jim

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