Who Am I?

My name is Steve Skojec. I’ve been a professional writer for over a decade, and in addition to my own websites and publication, my commentary has appeared in in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Crisis Magazine, EWTN, Huffington Post Live, The Fox News Channel, Foreign Policy, and the BBC.

In 2014, I founded a non-profit Catholic publication called OnePeterFive that quickly became one of the most-read sites in its niche in the world.

But after seven years of examining the crisis in the Catholic Church in much closer detail than I was used to, I began realizing that all the pieces didn’t really fit the puzzle on the box I was given as a child. That not everything I’d taken for granted as true held up to the scrutiny events were applying to those beliefs. Like so many others in the past few years, I lost faith in the institutions I formerly turned to to make sense of things, and felt cut adrift. Before long, I realized that I neither had enough information to recite a creed with conviction, nor to claim with confidence that God did not exist. I was left, instead, in a liminal space between belief and unbelief, certainty and doubt, and the existential questions that began springing forth in the absence of the so-called “certitude of faith” have sent me on a journey of exploration, and sometimes angst.

In 2021, I stepped down from OnePeterFive and started regularly writing at this Substack as a means of exploring the big questions of existence without feeling trapped within my previous and very narrow religious perspective. Among those questions are the usual — why are we here, what is our purpose, how do we better understand and master ourselves, etc. But it also includes my growing fascination with the unexplained — UFOs, paranormal phenomena, the mysteries of history, the weird discoveries of science, and more. I think we’re at a turning point in the human story, where our understanding of the way the universe works is about to be fundamentally changed. The timing of my shift away from traditional religious views has turned out to be oddly synchronous with this epochal change.

In day to day terms, I’m a husband and a father to a large family. My wife Jamie and I have eight children, seven of whom are still at home, and live with us in the weird and wonderful state of Arizona.

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At The Skojec File, the questions of existence are explored: Why are we here? What makes us tick? Are we alone? I write about an assortment of topics including religion, writing, culture, tech, and the mysteries of the unknown.


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