Who Am I?

My name is Steve Skojec. I hold a BA in Communication Arts and Theology. I’ve been a professional writer for over a decade, and in addition to my own websites and publication, my commentary has appeared in in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Crisis Magazine, EWTN, Huffington Post Live, The Fox News Channel, Foreign Policy, and the BBC.

In 2014, I founded a non-profit Catholic publication called OnePeterFive.

After seven years of examining the crisis in the Catholic Church, I’ve realized how broken our ability to make sense of things has become, even guided by time-tested institutions and beliefs.

In 2021, I started regularly writing at this Substack as a means of exploring the big questions of our existence without feeling trapped inside of a very narrow religious perspective. This is where my more out of the box, unfettered writing goes. It’s about life, purpose, meaning, self-awareness, beauty, art, culture, and whatever else strikes me as Things That Matter.

I’m also a husband and a dad to a large family. My wife Jamie and I are expecting our 8th child this summer.

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Steve Skojec
I write things. Founder of https://t.co/NFJIdsS5yf and https://t.co/fO5jN26R5K