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You know I love your writing and this really struck a chord with me. In my youth, I think I drove my family crazy with my wanderlust. They didn’t think I would ever settle down. Even when I had kids I, too, moved them all over the place. My sister once gave me a poem, though, a long time ago that helped tremendously. To this day I still keep a copy of it on my desk at work to remind me. It holds much the same lesson that you conclude with in this article, and I would like to share it with you…

The Journeying

There was a time I seemed to sail upon a vast, blue sea,

Scanning the horizon for some distant, golden shore,

Imagining that happiness lay just ahead of me,

In some wondrous perfect place I'd never seen before…

But as the days and years passed by,

I came to comprehend

That the joy is in the journeying,

Not at the journey's end.

I think I’ve finally settled down now but years ago I did learn how to be happy where I was, wherever I was, and I wish the same for you, my friend.


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