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Steve, ignore that truly dreadful first comment to your post. Unbelievable.

Whether you continue with your passion for video-making or not, I do hope you keep posting articles here, in print, however infrequently they appear. I might be in the minority, but I still prefer the written word to images on a screen, however profound they might be.

You know, I have a guardedly optimistic feeling about 2023 also. May you and your family have a great one!

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Slightly off topic, but great win for your G-Men today! Also I can't believe the Lions might be in the playoffs too. Fr. Joe has to be stoked. Anyhow, best wishes to you this new year and your continued pursuit of truth.

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We're here because we're here.

Dear one, this sentence seems to float in the air - without history or future.

It needs to be tethered to a foundation. Wouldn't you think?


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Hire a PRODUCER!!!

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Just realized I’m still subscribed to this sub. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt your feelings, but why did you let them boys get to you? Quit bitching and and go to Confession, or else you might be completely fucked. My opinion, of course.

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