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I find this fascinating, as someone who grew up on Air Force bases across the midwest and whose dad was a Minuteman in the 70's. Thank you for covering this and for you analysis.

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I used to live near the BAE factory at Warton in Lancashire, North west England. I had Tornado fighter bombers roaring above my house on test flights. That was 1986 and they now make the amazing Typhoon fighter for various NATO air forces. But even the Typhoon will soon be obsolete.

And, if you believe my deceased engineer/pilot friend, BAE have been looking at airspike technology to give our enemies (and maybe our current allies) a real run for their money in any future conflict. I don't understand how this works, but it allegedly produces hypersonic speeds and bizarre electromagnetic effects. Which might account for some of the UAP sightings if US manufacturers are pushing that technological envelope.

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