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Love you, bro.

F*$# you & God bless

Fjk and Marius the dog

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Beautiful meditation. I agree that one of the hardest things about grief is that we get over it and move on. It can seem like a betrayal of the deceased. On the other hand, if we truly loved the person, or pet, do we really ever get over their death? We learn to cope, to smile again and to get on with our lives, but doesn't some corner of our heart continue to ache for them? My dad has been dead for 36 years and my mom for 5, I still think about them everyday. I continue to recall good times with friends who are now deceased and smile whenever I think of our pet dog Shaker who's been gone for decades.

Saint Isaac the Syrian wrote that if we are filled with God's love then we care about every human being, the birds and beast and "even" the reptiles. Indeed, he thought we would have charity for the demons. Saint Isaac saw this as an ideal for the human heart. Maybe you're closer than you think.

"Many who God has the Church does not have, and many who the Church has God does not have."

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