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"Physicist Says The Laws Of Physics Don't Actually Exist "Like Peeling An Infinite Onion, The More We Peel, The More There Is To Peel.""

I think this is fundamentally correct. All that exists in science is observation and theory (experimentation and hypotheses are just parts of one or the other). We observe facts, and we invent theories to explain them. There is nothing else. The whole idea of "law" is an arrogant conceit which says there is no further need to peel because a theory is so exact and fundamental it will never be amended. That's a fool's view.

So evolution is an observed fact (if you argue otherwise you will end up with the Omphalos Hypothesis and - if you are a religious believer - a lying deceiving Creator). We invent theories to explain evolution: acquired characteristics, natural selection, sexual selection, punctuated equilibria, and more. In fact, to denigrate an idea as "only a theory" is total ignorance, because an as-yet unfalsified and widely accepted theory is the highest form of human knowledge after divine revelation. All else is just opinion.

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