> I do not put it past the powers that be to do anything to stop this from coming out.

That's conspiracy thinking, you know better than that.

This fails any reasonably skeptical thought experiment.

First, how could any government keep this a secret? These are the same bozos that couldn't keep the break-in of a random office in the Watergate Hotel secret for more than 18 months and destroying Nixon, and somehow they've managed to maintain this secret for 70 years. (Well, I guess there was the constant flood of people, magazines, newspapers and AM radio that disclosed Area 51's secret stash of aliens and starships. But other than that they kept it a secret!)

Not just a US secret, it's a world-side secret. Grusch claims one of the spaceships fell into US hands when Pope Pius XII told the US that Benito Mussolini had one. Ignoring the fact that sentence sounds like a tag line for WWII fan-fiction, it means the Vatican knows and Italy knows. At least China, the EU and Russia have space programs, and about 150 countries have pilots to report their own close encounters. Don't any other countries have their own alien spaceships?

I think it's likely many countries know the truth. Wasn't there a single administration in any country that knew "the truth", that in the past 70 years would have seen a benefit in disclosing said secret? Man, "they" must be working overtime.

Second, how did the aliens get here? Century-old settled science says FTL travel is impossible, and we don't even have realistic ideas as to how you might do FTL. I'm going to steal from the amazing Rebecca Watson for the next few sentences: "Just to get to Earth, an alien civilization would need incredibly advanced technology allowing them to travel at the speed of light, or have enough food and fuel for thousands of year, plus ships equipped to withstand cosmic radiation, all of which COULD absolutely be done. But this civilization that did all this, they get to Earth and just eat shit? Like, they did ALL OF THAT, they made it ALL THAT WAY just to lose all navigation abilities at the last minute and crash into a 7-11 like my neighbor’s kid did on the day she got her learner’s permit?" You go, Ms. Watson.

The idea that aliens came some thousands of light years to (checks notes) "play hide-and-seek in the clouds with vastly inferior technology" is not plausible. Tell me the aliens set up some satellites to watch the planet, that's at least a borderline sensible thing they might do. But, no, they dive-bomb jet fighters in the clouds and flash sparkly lights in the night sky.

What is it with the lights, anyway? Terrestrial planes have lights so they don't freaking run into each other in crowded airspace. Why do the aliens need lights on their space craft? Are there so many alien craft around the planet they use lights to avoid each other? Thousands, or millions, of years of technology ahead of us, and these idiots still need flashing red lights to avoid other aircraft.

Third, our exciting new witness has offered exactly nothing to support his claims. David Grusch has not shared any verifiable evidence—photographs, artifacts, or any other manner of data—and ALSO has not personally seen or touched any of the objects he references. But he's willing to give 11 hours of testimony to Congress about stuff he hasn't seen, attested to by people he won't identify. That feels squishy to me. (To represent the other side fairly, he says he has seen “some interesting photos” and “read some very interesting reports.”)

Oh, and the spaceships might not be from space. He says they might be from another dimension. Another dimension, you ask, quizzically? Another dimension, he confidently replies, whatever the fuck that means.

And we should trust Grusch, after all, he was a military intelligence officer (for 3 years). Let's consider retired US general Michael Flynn, who was the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and is now literally batshit crazy. Flynn said that '"international agencies run by global elites, including George Soros and Bill Gates, intentionally spread Covid-19 so these big shots can “control humanity” and “rule the world.”' There's more from Flynn online, but you can Google as well as I. Or consider retired US general William Boykin, who was the United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and who is also batshit crazy. He said Islamic extremists hate the United States "because we're a Christian nation, because our foundation and our roots are Judeo-Christians. … And the enemy is a guy named Satan."

Or consider that martial arts instructor who claimed he once killed a goat by staring at it very hard and who was subsequently recruited by the US Army to train special forces how to kill goats by staring at them. (Look up "The Men Who Stare at Goats" if you find that fact a little more than you can accept without some proof. Then ask yourself if there might be some waste in the US government's budget.)


- There's nothing new here, we've seen the exact same shit for 70 years.

- As a species, we love our stories and we especially love stores about conspiracies. There's lots of science on this, but you can just review any top 20 NetFlix list to prove it to yourself.

- Science is the only thing our species has found that reliably counteracts the fact that humans go batshit crazy on a regular basis. If the science or skepticism doesn't allow for the story, the story is almost certainly wrong.

By next year, there will be no results whatsoever from this kerfuffle, except for the usual grifters looking for a few dollars, or maybe a book and/or a movie deal, based on their claims that the nefarious "they" are concealing the overwhelming evidence of space aliens. If you pony up, you too can be one of the few that know the truth.

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Brilliant post. Very well said, and I absolutely agree. I don't post here very often, but must say, Steve, that I believe you are barking up the wrong tree here. Partly motivated by conjectures like this I recently asked a fellow in the space industry, who is pretty high up in the hierarchy of JPL and has worked with NASA for over 40 years, what he thinks of the reports of alien spacecraft, bodies, government stonewalling, and the whole UFO thing. His reply? It's all pure bunkum. Anecdotal, sure, but he knows a heck of a lot more on these subjects than (probably) 99% of those cooking up stories like this. You can do what you like on your site, of course, and I will probably continue to subscribe, but I far prefer your brilliant analysis of Christianity and your own spiritual journey to topics like the one above.

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