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Great article! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I subscribed!

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Thanks, Peter!

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It's crazy because as much as I lament this, I am the problem. Also being an introvert, digital communications facilitate my reticence to interact with others. Not because I hate others, but it is just more inline with my nature to avoid it. I want there to be concerts and barn dances on the weekend, but I don’t want to go myself!

As for societal collapse in 20 years. God help us. I wouldn’t survive. I cannot help but think of all of the lost civilizations of the past, like the Maya. Historically, they go from thriving to disappeared apparently in the blink of an eye. One day at the apex of their civilization, the next day all their cities are ghost cities. We don’t know why. Will we be that civilization? Will future societies wonder the same things about us? Maybe. I also know that these sociological predictions rarely come about. Think of all the people who claimed the inevitability of mass starvation by the end of the 20th Century. They didn’t see the Green Revolution coming (and how could they). But that changed everything. Likewise, is liberal globalism on the verge of collapse? That seems believable. But there is also a decent amount of evidence that society is re-traditionalizing. That the world is reverting to a series of closed and compartmentalized small societies that are mutually incompatible. Look at places in in the West like Hungary. But also places like Afghanistan, that are basically reverting to the 1700s. It is not the kind of society I want to see come back, but it is coming back. So, is the global one-world society generated by late modernity dying? Perhaps. Will the world look different? Yes. But I think we should be careful to think that means the development of some post-apocalyptic anarchy.

Also, great piece at 1P5 about the new motu proprio. Not excited to see how that all sorts out in the next weeks and months.

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