You know what the behavior of these UAP's reminds me of, Steve?

Digital avatars or observation points in simulation and world-building games, such as Second Life or SimCity. The movements are reminiscent of zooming in or out, scrolling, and so forth. Because these UAP's appear to ignore the known laws of physics, it may be the case that they are "in-game" artifacts of extra-dimensional observers.

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At the end of 1981 to 1984 in Hessdalen, a valley in Norway, a strange lights appeared at many locations in the valley. They were getting 20 reports a week, so in the summer of 1983, Project Hessdalen was founded to study the unknown aerial phenomenon. You can read about it at www.hessdalen.org. To this day, lights still show up there about 20 times a year. The scientists running the project don't think we're being visited by aliens from outer space, but they also don't know what is behind the phenomenon. They still have three livecams in the valley; I don't have flash player, so it doesn't work on my laptop.

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I got your email notification about 15 mins after you published it, and my wife and I talked about it non-stop until almost 2:30am! I think that's a sign of a great article. These are exciting times!

As fellow NATO members, Canada's military also has its share of reports about this phenomena.

I don't agree with the Ancient aliens theory, however, I believe that what is being observed has been in the skies above us and around the world for a very long time. I further believe it to be credible that this phenomena predates the Flood.

These objects have remained unobservable to human and animal detection most of that period of time by using technology unknown at this time for concealing itself from the electromagnetic spectrum of light, likely taking advantage of the natural electric currents and magnetic fields in the earth's environment. Many of the reported things these objects or vessels can do are not entirely outside of known physics if one includes how much better we understand plasma physics and electromagnetic phenomena today. How they work is still an exciting mystery, though.

As for how it will alter my world-view... no, it doesn't. Among the various interests I have studied formally in my education years, and later as private interest, the study of ancient mythology, folktales, and history from classical Greece to present confirms the existence of and occasional contact with someone other than humans.

My opinion about these objects is that most of the technology is either man-made, next generation experiments misobserved and wrongly assumed to be alien to the planet, and the remainder is technology likely built by humans from very ancient times existing to the present, or continuously manufactured from a very distant period in our history, that was either stolen by other, non-human intelligences, or was built for their use by us. I see no credible evidence in any part of this field of research to believe that any observed technology was manufactured outside of this solar system.

When this came out a few years ago, some of the longtime UFO researchers I was following were very excited by the Soft Disclosure, as were calling it, but not long after, were surprised by the apparent lack of reaction from the general public.

L.A. Marzulli, who appeared a lot in the first seasons of Ancient Aliens, was at times furious at the lack of reaction from people. I think that the general feeling among people at the time was something like, 'Yeah, we know already. So What? The US government is now admitting it's not swamp gas, huh? Preach it to the choir.

Today, any credibility left in the government is usually seated in the military, almost the last place among the Three Branches that stills operates with some integrity, honesty, and honorable purpose. But I think people have long ago made their minds up that they are real. What people individually think they are is an interesting question for future discussion. I'm looking forward to the next one!

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This stuff goes in the category of things that I don't allow myself to think or worry about. And that is because it is something completely out of my control.

Don't get me wrong. I am completely fascinated by the idea of other intelligent beings out there. But if they pose a military threat do us, frankly, it's over. Let's say that we have in our possession an alien craft. That means it came here from, at the shortest distance, Alpha Centauri (4 Light Years), and probably much further away. Moreover, we have really only be telegraphing our existence for about a century, with the invention of radio, and then really telegraphing ourselves by blowing up a bunch of nukes. Prior to that, our planet would not have been sending out signals that would have made us particularly noticeable. They can travel 4+ light years in only a half century. We cannot even send humans beyond our own moon (though we are working on that diligently). And, their technology appears to be so far advanced that our smartest people cannot even tangentially fit it into our basic paradigm of physics itself. If they Independence Day style us, there is no Deus Ex Machina happy ending.

I think there is hope that perhaps they won't do that, because you figure it would have already happened once they realized how much more advanced they are than us. They seem to be doing the same things we would do to Bigfoot or some other charismatic animal. Observe, do experiments, set aside a natural preserve to protect them. I would be ok with that. It is interesting to think what concerns they mignt have about us. Might they be concerned that they could catch some of our diseases? I would certainly be concerned that we might be able to catch some of theirs.

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I was never into UFOs when I was younger. I became interested in them after watching the second season of American Horror Story. That season had aliens and demons. AHS made sure the viewers knew that the aliens weren't demons. The way it was presented, got me thinking about alien life in a different way.

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I have no idea what's going on with any of this, but I certainly don't like the idea of our airspace being intruded upon.

I tend to think we are alone in the universe, but we are being messed around with by someone.

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Whatever is going on, we need to know what it is.

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