I am a boomer (born in 1954 right in the middle of the pack) who has for that last twenty years been appalled by what our self centered, narcissistic generation has unleashed on the world. I often am reminded about, and regret, what we have lost and what my children do not have and my grandchildren will not have.

For a start, get us out of politics. No one approaching, and certainly no one past eighty, should be in any position of power. It's not like we can claim we have been doing such a good job that we deserve to carry on.

I am still an instructor at a community college. I am continually impressed with people in my classes, who range from seventeen into their fifties. I am also painfully aware of how poorly we have prepared the folks coming after us.

Do not give up. You have the ability to begin to correct what we derailed. There is much that is worth fighting for.


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Thanks, JT.

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