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something big is about to happen. When? I'd say within a year. Based on what? Well, I'm 71 almost, and I've never seen things as awful as they are now. Like what? Entrenched Inflation and eye-watering debt levels, men can be women, women sports is not protected (nor women), lawfare (dual "justice" systems--show me the man, I'll show you the crime), rampant crime, open borders where illegals are treated better than citizens, the abandonment of "merit-based" anything, the war on men, the war on babies (up to the moment of birth), rogue Pope--yes, I know there were bad popes before, but this is OUR bad pope, and he is doing massive damage to the RCC. The world leaders in the West seem determined to have WW3. For some reason, the billionaires are buying bunkers. Bezos just bought his third bunker mansion on "Bunker Island". Zuckerberg has a huge bunker in Hawaii. I will not do Twitter and avoid FB--TMI. I don't like Zuckerberg and his 57 genders. And I try to stay out of AI (impossible, I know, but I'm trying my best).

So what to do? Teach your children well, and stay close to God. Prepare for trouble as best you can. Work as if everything depends on you, and pray as if everything depends on God. God is in control, but we are probably in for a rough ride this year and next.

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