"How is it plausible that beings that can circumvent the laws of known physics such that they can manage interstellar/interdimensional travel manage to still crash some of their ships?"

Similar questions:

Why no crashes in heavily populated areas, where they could be witnessed by hundreds if not thousands?

Why are the remains of such crashes not recovered by these beings, if they value their secrecy?

If bodies are found, what is their biology?

Were microbes found in the debris?

If the ships carried microbes how did they not create local colonies growing in the terrestrial landscape?

Why do amateur astronomers (like me), who spend the most time under the night sky, make comparatively few UFO reports? (I've never seen anything I could not identify)

Why do the objects in the fighter jet videos remain centered in the cameras, when serious evasive maneuvers would result in the objects at least bouncing and darting all over the image?

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NGL, all of the tedious initialisms, and the names of obscure governmental groups that litter some of the quotations in this article are kind of off-putting. If aliens are so bound up with a kind of neverending Cold War story for decade after decade, while never announcing themselves plainly to We The People Of Earth, I don't trust them.

I'm reminded of how we hear about dramatic and ugly demonic activity, and there's a lot of prurient excitement about that in movies, but the influence of the good spirits on human beings is executed with such finesse and kindness that one would hardly know they were there sometimes. The whole vibe of the UFO story is off... although that doesn't mean it isn't also fascinating. I hope that maybe there are also good and wise aliens out there, but they're keeping their distance because they've got more class than to come around crashing their craft onto our planet and getting tangled up with "national security" and all that X-Files drama.

Nevertheless, discovering that Congress has an "All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office" made me laugh with some delight. I'm sure that most of their work consists in entering "Canada goose" into the "resolution" field of database record after database record. But it's just possible one of those sages will open their third eye to discover a Shangri-La populated by gracious Pleiadian ex-pats who are here to guide humanity through the early perils of becoming a galactic civilization, past all of the nasty opportunists who would prey upon us, as we awaken out of the Silent Planet into communion with our long-lost from across the Field of Arbol and beyond.

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Good article, thanks!

I believe Tom DeLonge, or some other "insider" has claimed that the crashes are planned and deliberate. The bodies are of "biots", Arthur C Clark's term for manufactured biological beings, "meat robots" if you will. "The Others", as the designers of UAPs are often called, have crashed vehicles all over the world to give different nations the opportunity to examine and learn from them.

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Good to hear from you again Steve!

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Very interesting time indeed. But I'm not getting my hopes up for anything too revealing, I feel like we have been duped our whole lives whether it's religion, politics, or media. These things only seem to amount to more questions, more conspiracies, and then endless documentaries to be made, but ultimately no answers. Just once, I want to have evidence for something, just once...

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